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Everyone Deserves To Dream

In a melancholy mood? Feeling like life got you down …fuck ’em and enjoy it! Cousteau – Last Good day Of The Year Taken from the album “Cousteau” Avi Buffalo – Overwhelmed With Pride Taken from the album “At Best Cuckold” Elbow – Magnificent (She Said) Taken from the album “Little Fictions” Lia Ices – Thousand Eyes Taken from the … read more –>

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Prince – The Quintessential Singles

Not necessarily the best but a collection of my favourite singles by one of the great artists of the 21st century – Prince (RIP 2016). With honorable mentions to “1999”, “Diamond & Pearls”, anything off the “Purple Rain” album and actually many, many more. Prince – Little Red Corvette Taken from the album “1999” Prince – Controversy Taken from the … read more –>

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Springtime In A Crowded Room

Get away from the hustle and get with the bustle. Uplifting and melancholic in equal measures. Matthew E. White – Rock & Roll Is Cold Folksy gem with a message. Kevin Morby – Parade Lovely, swooning tune. Let it wash over you. Elbow – Fly Boy Blue / Lunette No introduction needed. The usually great Elbow are just that. Mutual … read more –>

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Top Tune – May 2015

Vangoffey – Race Of Life Ex-bassist of Supergrass returns with a quintessentially British pop gem that’s sure to put a smile on your face. The video is fab too!

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Chill Out For The Fall Out

Get out your best weed, light it up and drift gently through a collection of songs to ease the coming of the apocalypse …well, you never know!!!! Faster by DJ Zinc $165 Million + Interest by David Holmes Inhaler by Craig Armstrong Your Song by Groove Armada Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planatia) by The Flaming Lips One Thought … read more –>

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Instrumental Heaven & Hell

An eclectic voiceless musical journey to broaden the mind. Manfred Hubler & Sigi Schwab – The Lions And The Cucumber – album “Vampyros Lesbos” Barry Adamson – Goddess of Love – album “As Above So Below” Money Mark – The Grade – album “Mark’s Keyboard Repair” Les Hommes – Intraspettro – album “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party” Morcheeba – Slow Down … read more –>

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Weird Album Covers

Here’s some truely bizarre album covers that make you wonder what the authors or designers were thinking about. How the record labels would ok these is completely beyond me, but bless them for doing so. Unbelievably, all these albums are still available to buy. In researching this, i found an amazing array of weird covers, so expect a “Weird Album … read more –>

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Supreme TV Themes

So the rule here is that i haven’t used themes that are just standard songs taken from bands but themes written specifically for the show and usually with no vocal. A couple of versions are from the movie versions but stick close enough to the originals (whilst improving them in my opinion) to allow inclusion. As most shows these days … read more –>

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