Juliette Greco

How could i have possibly missed Juliette Greco ?

Some years ago, i had a french girlfriend that introduced me to a lot of great “chanson” including Brel, Piaf, Bresson and Gainsbourg. After that i lived in Paris for 4 and a half years and all my friends knew of my love of this style of music whether it be in French, English or any language for that matter. And yet somehow i missed out on Juliette Greco.

….and how exactly did i discover her ?

A couple of weeks ago, i watched a marvelous new film called “An Education” and in one of the scenes, our young heroine, who adores everything French, is seen listening to an old record with a cover lying by the player. This cover shows the picture of a cool young woman with the words above stating “Juliette Greco”. The music sounded great and a few days later, i managed to find a 3 CD set of her old songs and i am now a confirmed fan.

There’s also some wonderful footage, courtesy of Youtube, of her performing in the 60’s and even last year, at the grand old age of 83. This woman was friends with such luminaries as Serge Gainsbourg, Miles Davis, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Paul Sartre whilst being a darling of the avant-garde scene.

Her voice was famously said to “encompasses millions of poems“.
Here’s a small taste, i hope you like it.

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