The DB Connection

I’m sure that most listeners will know the famous David Bowie tunes but i wanted to offer some of his lesser known collaborations, famous covers and partnerships with the well-known and lesser lights.

What does it all prove …well nothing we didn’t already know. Bowie is a great songwriter and as relevant now as he was throughout his golden 70’s period. Long may his music live on…

Without You I’m Nothing by Placebo (1998)
on Without You I’m Nothing
Bowie championed Placibo for many years, taking them on his 50th anniversary tour which i was lucky enough to see. This collaberation between the two is just breathtaking.

In the Heat of the Morning by The Last Shadow Puppets (2008)
on The Age Of The Understatement
A groovy and fun cover from Miles Kane and Alex Turner of The Artic Monkeys which dates back all the way to the 1967 original.

Satellite of Love by Lou Reed (1972)
on Transformer
many people don’t realize that Bowie produced the classic “Transformers” album for Lou Reed. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the unmistakable tones of Bowie himself as his backing vocals soar through the choruses.

Falling Down by Scarlett Johansson (2008)
on Anywhere I Lay My Head
What could be better …the lovely Scarlett Johansson covering Tom Waits with the help of her new friend Mr. Bowie. Nice!

The Cynic by Kashmir (2005)
on No Balance Palace
This one surprised me. Kashmir are huge in Denmark but not so much outside apart from a minor US hit some years before. Bowie even appears in the video with the boys and i have to say, the track is fab.

Under The God by Tin Machine (1989)
on Tin Machine
Bowie decided to rock out by forming a band with the former rhythm section of the mighty Stooges. The results were mixed but this track proves there was life in the old dog yet.

Turn Blue by Iggy Pop (1977)
on Lust For Life
Bowie is reputed to have found a boozed and drugged up Iggy Pop, half unconcious in a New York bar. They became friends and Bowie managed to resurect Pop’s career by coaxing out of him the fabulous album “Lust For Life”. Not only did Bowie produce, but once again lent his backing vocals to feature tracks. The album title would have been the obvious choice here but i’ve picked “Turn Blue” as it has plenty of Bowie singing on it too.

This Is Not America by Hollywood, Mon Amour (2008)
on Hollywood, Mon Amour
This features former film star turned lead vocalist Juliette Lewis. It’s a very cool cover of a Bowie collaberation with Pat Metheny that would used as the theme tune for “The Falcon and the Snowman”.

Boys Keep Swinging by A Camp (2009)
on Love Has Left The Room
A nice twist from former cardigans singer Nina with a new project A Camp. In a way not so different from the original and yet pretty out there all the same.

Ashes to Ashes by Warpaint (2009)
on Ashes to Ashes
I approached this one with some caution as “Ashes to Ashes” seemed like one of those undo-able songs but i like this. It’s modern, interesting and treats the song with enough reverence/irreverence to make the track valid.

All The Young Dudes by Arno (2010)
on Covers Cocktail
Arno completely disects this classics and re-imagines it with eltro-industrial beats and psuedo rap. Originally a hit for glam rock Mott The Hopple (it comes in at No. 253 in its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time), this was written by Bowie especially for the band although his version can be found on many compilations around the net.

A Foggy Day (In London) by David Bowie Rare & Angelo Badalamenti (2010) – N/A
on DB Rarities & Oddities
Let finish with the man himself and a large slice of avant-garde artistry with David Lynch’s good friend and collaberator Angelo Badalamenti, writer of the classic Twin Peaks Theme and many other movie classics.

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