Weird Hello Kitty products

Featuring Hello Kitty chess set, Hello Kitty menstrual pads, Hello Kitty’s “massage wand”, Hello Kitty urinal, Hello Kitty toilet paper, Hello Kitty man’s underwear, Hello Kitty hair removal, Hello Kitty lawn mower, Hello Kitty sausages, Super Hello Kitty man,

Hello Kitty chess set. Hard to imagine an old Russian chess guru using this one.

Hello Kitty menstrual pads. Why not, I mean, that’s every girls dream…isn’t it?!

Hello Kitty’s “massage wand” (in other words – vibrator). Congratulations, Japan – you surprised me once more.

Hello Kitty urinal. At least the sign on it makes some sense.

Hello Kitty toilet paper. Not bad, not bad…

Hello Kitty man’s underwear. My wife just said that she actually liked these 😀

Hello Kitty hair removal. Doesn’t seem too weird anymore.

Hello Kitty lawn mower. I try to imagine my father in law pushing this thing around his garden.

Hello Kitty sausages. Well who wouldn’t like to eat their favorite cartoon character’s  sausages!?

and the last – Super Hello Kitty man. The most amazing thing is that it’s a male superhero!

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