10 Reasons to Stop Hating Nickelback

Nickelback are the Justin Bieber of hard rock. You’d be considered a complete moron for listening to Nickelback by any true and even not-so-true hard rock fan. Or a fan of any other kind of music that requires brain activity, for that matter. I’ve been thinking about who exactly Nickelback are targeting (apart from 12-year-old girls around 2001, which I am totally not proud of) ever since 2002 and still haven’t come up with the answer.

Anyway, I seriously believe that it’s awfully wrong to channel your hate towards a specific phenomenon of the music industry towards a single band. Could’ve been any of us or, well, any of us who would’ve been lame enough to start a hard rock band.

So here are ten random reasons to not hate Nickelback specifically –10 quite popular bands that sound almost exactly the same and might as well have turned out to be the scapegoats for every single thing wrong with post-millennium hard rock. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and overaged teenagers – here they are:

  1. Emphatic
  2. Sixx:A.M.
  3. Seether
  4. Theory of a Deadman
  5. Daughtry
  6. Sevendust
  7. Saving Abel
  8. Default
  9. Fuel
  10. Hinder

These are just the first 10 Nickelback clones I came across during 3 hours of listening to a generic rock radio station. There must be hundreds of hundreds more, so – every time you feel like replacing the word ‘shit’ with ‘Nickelback’ or bragging to your friends about how you’ve just installed this funny, yet somewhat offensive plug-in – just breathe and count to 10 other crappy bands.

Meanwhile, just to check whether or not you have nerves of steel, I challenge you to listen to a whole featured playlist.

If you are, by some chance, a Nickelback fan, I ask you to accept my sincere apologies and use this as a handy list of ten more sweet bands to listen to while you’re waiting for puberty/menopause to be over.

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