Top Tune – April 2012

Get The Party Started – Shirley Bassey (2007)
– from the album “Get The Party Started

It feels like Shirley Bassey and that incredible voice have been pulling off this kind of track since time began (in fact she first hit big in the late 50’s). On Get The Party Started, Pink’s original is stripped apart, puffed up with a groovy bond-esque arrangement and then Ms Bassey tops it off with her own indelible print. She is truely one of our great divas and boy, is her voice still in good nick. If only all kitsch covers versions were served up with this amount of soul and class…

…she can get my party started anytime!!!

Random Fact: This version was originally made for a spy-themed 2006 Marks & Spencer Christmas television advertising campaign but went on to become a cult classic.

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