Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya

Imagine having to get up at an ungodly hour of the morning to catch an early train or walk you best friend’s dog while they’re out of town. Sucks, doesn’t it? You get to see all those weird early morning creatures – postmen, joggers, janitors and the like, and you feel like you’ve transformed into some morning vampire yourself. No rational amount of coffee can get you through this without good music to elevate your mood and ease you into the day. Here’s an hour or so of old one hit wonders, old-school hip hop, not-so-popular electronica and sweet mash-ups.


(Not the) Greatest Rapper by 1000 Clowns

Helicopter by General Elektriks

No Fun / Push It by 2 Many DJ’s

Ooh La La by The Wiseguys

Don’t Forget Me Now by Mumdance ft. Esser

Sunshowers by M.I.A.

Be Yourself by Morcheeba ft. Creators & Nas

Baby I’m Yours by Breakbot

Doin’ Time by Sublime

San Francisco Knights by People Under The Stairs

Passin’ Me By by Pharcyde

I Wanna Get High by Cypress Hill

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