Top Tune – July 2012

Soulsavers – Longest Day (2012)
– from the album “The Light The Dead See

I’ve always liked Dave Gahan’s voice but never felt his work outside Depeche Mode really matched the high and consistant standards of their best work together. Much of this was due to Gahan’s songwriting which i believe most would agree, isn’t his strong suit.

Enter the duo Soulsavers and their brilliantly coaxed songs of meloncholy, angst and regret matched with sweeping strings and beautifully simple piano motifs. Their songs provide the perfect showcase for Gahans best work in many years and i would highly recommend you check out the whole album if you like this track …as far as i’m concerned, it’s great!!!

Random Fact: Soulsavers are no strangers to working with singers from the darker side of life. Their last collaboration featured the tortured and wonderful voice of Mark Lanegan. A truely legendary singer with a deeply troubled past.

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