Our Mysterious Species

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Sometimes you need to just let the music flow. There is no motive or reason for this compilation but simply a time for a certain mood that captures that specific space and moment. Enough is already said …press play and begin!

2 Wicky by Hoover
on A New Stereophonic Sound Spectrtum

Spytown by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
on Music And Rhythm

Psychedelic Mood by Piero Piccioni
on Puppets on a Chain

Rainbow Flows by Husky Rescue
on Country Falls

Sour Times by Portishead
on Roseland NYC Live

Life In Mono by Mono
on Formica Blues

The Drop I Hold by Black Lips
on 200 Million Thousand

Longest Day by Soulsavers
on The Light The Dead See

Falling Rain by Alexandre Desplat
on Lust, Caution

Demons by Yo La Tengo
on Genius + Love = Yo La Tango

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