Music I Wish They Didn’t, But They Do!!!

I DJ regularly at one of the best clubs here in Liepaja, Latvia. I may not be your uber-cool mix style DJ but i do pride myself in trying to play some of the best new alternative and groovy tunes whilst happily delving back into the past for some hip old-school favourites and rare tracks that Latvians may not have heard before.

My only rule is that i never play music that i don’t like in some way or spoil the flow of a night due to a punters request. In my opinion, keeping the flow is the job of the DJ and we are not just paid to keep the dance floor busy but to trust our instincts and play what we feel is right (which doesn’t mean, you can’t go wrong now again). Here’s a compilation of recent requests i had in the club and i make no apology for not playing any of them then or in the future! “It’s all totally subjective, he said smiling“.

Linkin Park
No, no, no, no, no …don’t worry, it’s a personal thing.

Best rumour i heard recently was that there was software created that could remove the word “Nickleback” completely from your computer …I think you know where I stand on this one.

Can you play something I can dance to?
So the dance floor is buzzing and two girls come over to you with this question failing to notice that people are shaking their buts directly below them. I say “what did you have in mind?” …the response, “don’t know, just something we can dance to”. My eyes are now officially rolling!

If I hear one more request for “Wind Of Change” at 2am on a groovy Saturday night, i may have to take action.

House Music
No ones fault really, it’s just not my thang…

Do you have that song which goes “Ding Dong Ding-a-Ling”?
It’s true. They don’t know the artist or the name of the song so attempt to sing it to you whilst the music is pumping out of the club speakers …it ain’t going to happen folks!

Lana Del Rey
“Video Games” was massive here and I like it as much as the next man, but it’s not exactly a floor filler, is it now?

Can’t you play something good?
Obviously not!

Rant Over …i will be updating this from time to time with more requests!!!

Kings Of Leon
These guys should really have been included first time around but on Saturday i had a guy asking for that tune “Something or Other’s On Fire” about 5 times. Not the most uplifting tune i ever heard ….yawn.

Can you play something old-school?
Ahhhh, another classic. I mean old-school to a 20 year old is hardly going to be 70’s stuff now is it? And maybe she wasn’t even 20 and considers Rihanna old-school and anything older as pointless …a veritable mine-field that one!

New Update:
Girl – “Can you play something really upbeat?”
Me – “Sure, what did you have in mind”
Girl – “Something like this one” (the song i was playing)

…am i missing something here!

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