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Ok, this is not by any means a definitive collection but more of a mood thing and a bunch of numbers that follow my drift, if you know what i mean. Allow me to stick my afro on and let’s get started !

Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music Right
One of the great one hit wonders of all time.
I never heard of them before and i’ve never heard of them since – but if this ain’t funky, then i don’t know what is (…how very lyrical).

Dee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
One of those songs you’ve heard a million times but somehow never gets boring, a sure fire dance room fiiler. Plus one of the best and coolest videos ever made which never ceases to make me smile. Dig those fashion gurus man!

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
Just listen to the guitar at the start and you’re instantly hooked – a great big funky groove, cool vocals from the master blaster and a solid tune wrapped in to any DJ’s delight. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers had the good sense to make a cover without messing too much with the dynamics and made a fine job of it in the process.

Beck – Mixed Bizness
Talking of cool, who would have thought that a man whose first hit was called Loser (lyric quote – “I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me”)” could turn into this funky hipster. The fact that something this groovy could come out of a thin, white, indie guru is enough to give us all hope.

Prince – Sexy M F
I saw Prince live around this time and i’ll tell you, there was no one funkier on the planet that could match him for sheer virtuosity, energy and some amazing songs. This one may not be his best but it feels great on the dancefloor.

James Brown – Cold Sweat

Couldn’t leave out the king of funk himself. Not one of his most well known and perhaps more laid back than some of his others but this has always been one of my favourites. Not least because of his extrodinary vocals at the very end of the song as he screams higher and higher to almost glass shattering levels. Trust me, most men would need their balls squeezed tightly to hit those peaks !!!

Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove
Led by George Clinton, the godfather of P-Funk, this classic set the tone for a whole new breed of groove styled numbers and pointed towards to upcoming disco trend. Ambitious, far out, elegant even – and seminal to the max.

David Bowie – Golden Years
Bowie would never make a more instantly grooverlicious number than this and what a gem it is. Everything from the funked up guitar down to the usual classic vocal stylings ooze class and present a man at the peak of his powers.

G Love & The Special Sauce – Shooting Hoops
Yup, it’s about basketball ….yup, it’s by a bunch of white guys …yup, you’ve probably never heard of them ….but damn, is this groovy or what. I’d mention how good the album is but it appears to have gone missing from my collection. Shocked

Spanky Wilson – Sunshine Of Your Love (N/A)
Probably one of the funkiest and coolest covers you’re ever going to hear of a classic number. There’s not a great deal of press on Spanky (what a name) and it’s more the pity if this was her thang. Stick it on at a party and watch what happens – a sure fire way to win a whole lot of friends.

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