Stoopid Band Names

This is my completely subjective list of dumb band names and just a few of my thoughts for each. There are so many bad band names that I’ve only included well known groups here as they really should have known better.

If you have some better ones, feel free to comment below!

Hootie & the Blowfish
• The Music: Too much americana for me, this band is huge in the states and write well crafted (re: boring) tunes.
• The Name: Who or what is Hootie and yes, his fish blows!

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
• The Music: A really good alternative rock band, well worth checking out.
• The Name: Tasteless.

Limp Bizkit
• The Music: No.
• The Name: Not the best way to describe your music.

‘N Sync
• The Music: Sugary boy pop.
• The Name: More like a pronunciation exercise than a band name.

• The Music: Classic AOR for the older generation.
• The Name: Seriously, who would call their band “Bread”.

Puddle of Mudd
• The Music: An American rock band who have somehow sold over 7 million albums.
• The Name: Actually, pretty much how they sound to me. What a shame they couldn’t even spell mud!

The Beatles
• The Music: One of the great bands of our generation.
• The Name: We’re so used to this name that no one really considers the fact that they named themselves after a bug.

The The
• The Music: Excellent English alternative pop band from the 80’s.
• The Name: When i was researching this, someone mentioned that you should try googling “The The”. Clearly they weren’t thinking ahead.

Kings of Leon
• The Music: One of the most requested bands when i DJ ……why???
• The Name: Where is Leon or is it just their little brother.

oF Montreal
• The Music: Very cool modern alt. band.
• The Name: Never trust a name that purposely start with a small letter, followed by a capital letter. They are not from Montreal either.

• The Music: Political alternative pop rock band from Scotland.
• The Name: Sounds like a kids TV show that you wouldn’t remember fondly.

• The Music: One hit wonders that gave us the other one hit wonder (the singer) and equally stupidly named, Limahl.
• The Name: Just ridiculous, if you’re unlucky this could be the first word your kid speaks!

• The Music: Horribly over-rated rock band with almost no redeming features. This band has a lot to answer for as they appear to be the blueprint for many equally awful bands.
• The Name: I definately want my nickel back!

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