Hit Me On The Head, it’s Monday!

Waking up doesn’t have to be so bad!

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Iggy Pop – Lust For Love
An absolute classic. I once lost half a tooth attempting to drink beer and dance to this at the same time. The ultimate “throw yourself against a wall” number.

Queens Of The Stoneage – No One Knows
Sublime guitars over a superb square beat (whatever that means). Taken from one of the best rock albums of the last 10 years (in my opinion ….and naturally i’m right Twisted Evil ).

The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So
Just sit in your sit and try not to move with this one – impossible right ? Probably the best rock band to come out of Sweden in recent years.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever Happened To My Rock and Roll
…and i’m beginning to feel better already. Dirty, groovy, punky and cool. these guys went on to do an amazing country gospel album believe it or not. Sometimes found under the name BRMC.

The Pixies – Planet Of Sound
One of my favourite bands of all time and i couldn’t let this compilation go by without including them here. Certainly not the best number they ever did but hell, this will still rip the rust from your aging pots & pans and have you running around the room like a headless chicken.

The Vines – Get Free
Like Nirvana if they were still pissed off, on speed but in a positive mood about it. The Vines come from Australia and make a fine, fine electric noise !

Wolfmother – Woman
More Aussie rock from the aptly named Wolfmother. A modern day mix of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hives and some completely inappropriate keyboards in the middle which ultimately add to the mayhem. Brilliant.

Whale – Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe
Some gonzo 80’s Swedish weirdness that sucks you in with some girly madness then rocks like a mother in the football chant-like choruses. The video for this is an absolutely must see – also the best song title in this collection.

John Spencer Blues Explosion – Wail
Mr Spencer at his accessible best. The cool thing about this band was that they were one of the first to record and perform this kind of stuff without having a bass player. Blues, ballsy, groovey and fab.

The Stooges – TV Eye
Back to the Iggy and the perfect bookmark to Lust For Life. An absolutely seminal number from one of the most influential rock bands to come out of the US. I listen to this and it just makes me want to say “Fuck You” ….in the best possible way of course !

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