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So the rule here is that i haven’t used themes that are just standard songs taken from bands but themes written specifically for the show and usually with no vocal. A couple of versions are from the movie versions but stick close enough to the originals (whilst improving them in my opinion) to allow inclusion.

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As most shows these days have songs written specifically for them, most of this list comes from the 60’s & 70’s. Doesn’t stop the music begin great though!

The Persuaders (began in 1971 & theme written by John Barry)
Only ran for one season probably due to the fact that it had 2 major movie stars in the shape of Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. Fantastically kitsch and well worth a watch.

I Spy (began in 1965 & theme written by Sheldon Leonard)
Very dated by todays standards and spawned a fairly awful big screen remake which had almost nothing to do with the original show.

Dexter (began in 2006 & theme written by Rolfe Kent)
One of the more interesting shows currebtly on TV with the first 3 seasons being particularly daring and innovative. Not for the faint hearted.

Hawaii Five-O (began in 1968 & theme written by Morten Stevens)
Long running detective series that was the blue print for 80’s/90’s shows such as Miami Vice.

Perry Mason (began in 1957 & theme written by Tony Hatch)
I’ve never seen an episode of this but what a theme. One of my absolute favourites here.

S.W.A.T. (began in 1975 & theme written by Rhythm Heritage)
The big screen version of this was actually ok although i can’t say i was a fan of the original.

Batman (began in 1966 & theme written by Neal Hefti)
Nothing to do with the “Dark Night” version we have these days. In 1966, Batman was camp and colourful but still has great curiosity value.

Mission Impossible (began in 1966 & theme written by Lalo Schifrin)
Ok, i’m cheating a bit here. This version is actually from the movie remake of the original TV series but it’s so good, i had to include it.

The Avengers (began in 1961 & theme written by Marius De Vries)
Same again here. An adaptation of the original and used for the big screen version. One of the most disappointing movies I’ve ever seen as all the ingrediants pointed to a fabulous remake which eneded up a huge mess.

Dr. Who (began in 1963 & theme written by Ron Grainer)
One of the longest running British TV shows around and still going strong after a reboot for the new milenium. Great sci-fi for both adults and kids and there’s a big screen version on the way.

Twin Peaks (began in 1965 & theme written by Angelo Badalamenti)
In my humble opinion, one of the very best TV series ever to grace the screen and a beautiful, haunting score to match. Almost everything about the 1st series is practically perfect and essential viewing. Of course, it helps that i’m a huge fan of director David Lynch but don’t take my word forit, check it out for yourself!

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