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Dedicated to the art of compilations, lists and random stuff linked with the-compilers.com.

Who are we and how did it all start
The Compilers site was masterminded by Jaime (aperecorder) & Marcus (harry_lime). Both share a great love of music, compiling mix cd’s, DJing, Nick Hornsby’s “High Fidelity”, getting slowly plastered and discussing the various in’s and out’s of what makes a tune really great. It’s fair to say these conversations can range from the sublime (and mostly as the evening wears on), to the ridiculous.

The boys had the idea to begin a catalogue of their compilations if not for anyone else, then at least for themselves. Sometimes random, often themed and usually inspired, these compilations can often say more about where they are at in a given moment, than a million clever words.

From this was born the idea of The Compilers !

The idea here is to simply have a website with various themed and mood compilations with a few written thoughts from the author about why each selection is included. The criteria is broad and will no doubt be adapted as we progress, plus the site aims to include not only music but all the other catergories found to the irght of each page. Naturally the final decisions will depend on the general quality of the compilations but no subject need be taboo. Music & film are certainties but hopefully other areas will inspire too.

What are we looking for 
Basically, we are looking for compilations that fall within The Compilers Categories you can find here on the site. As a general rule, each compilation should contain somewhere between 5 and 15 entries but this is not a hard and fast rule. You can just produce a listing if you like but if you’d like your compilation to be considered for the main site some text and/or explanations will give a much greater chance for inclusion. We also encourage comments and chat from members and viewers about each compilation and this may even help make the choices for the main site just that little bit easier. We encourage creativity and thinking “out of the box” and as long as it does not become rude, abusive, racist, etc – pretty much anything goes. You could say inspiration and originality are key words here!

Check out the category areas to get an idea of how the whole thing works.

…and finally
The-Compilers.com is a non-profit making site and none of the staff here receive renumeration for what they do. It’s all for fun so relax, enjoy and we sincerely hope you will respect the forum with this in mind…

…..and with that we’d like to welcome you to the world of The Compilers !

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