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Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man

In case you are, like myself, fascinated by the historical relationship of drugs and popular media, this one’s just right for you. Apparently, back in 1951, Walt Disney released a Mickey Mouse comic book where Mickey and Goofy discover a drug called peppo, which makes you want to mow the lawn, paint the house and do other amazing stuff people were … read more –>

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Awkward But Cool Superheroes

Awkward but cool superheroes features Squirrel Girl, Doctor Bong, Ant Man, Arm Fall Off Boy and Matter-Eater Lad.   Squirrel Girl. Superpower – controlling a bunch of fluffy squirrels   Doctor Bong – man who calls himself a doctor and wears a bell as a helmet   Ant Man – size does NOT matter 🙂   Arm Fall Off Boy … read more –>

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