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Instrumental Heaven & Hell

An eclectic voiceless musical journey to broaden the mind. Manfred Hubler & Sigi Schwab – The Lions And The Cucumber – album “Vampyros Lesbos” Barry Adamson – Goddess of Love – album “As Above So Below” Money Mark – The Grade – album “Mark’s Keyboard Repair” Les Hommes – Intraspettro – album “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party” Morcheeba – Slow Down … read more –>

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Supreme TV Themes

So the rule here is that i haven’t used themes that are just standard songs taken from bands but themes written specifically for the show and usually with no vocal. A couple of versions are from the movie versions but stick close enough to the originals (whilst improving them in my opinion) to allow inclusion. As most shows these days … read more –>

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Top Tune – November 2012

The Bombay Royale – Monkey Snake Fight (2012) Monkey Fight Snake appears on the new Bombay Royale album You Me Bullets Love. Some of it is quite brilliant, coming on like a Bollywood movie soundtrack caught up in a Tarantino exploitation surf flik. The track featured here is an instrumental but i recommend giving the whole album a listen as … read more –>

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Exit Music (for a film)

From the screen to your speakers! Come Wander With Me by Jeff Alexander For The World (Tan Dun) by Air Deportation/Iguazu by Gustavo Santaolalla Dialogue by Jackson C. Frank Two Rocks And A Cup Of Water by Massive Attack The Wings by Gustavo Santaolalla Lullaby by Loudon Wainwright III J’y suis jamais allĂ© by Yann Tiersen Platoon- Adagio For Strings … read more –>

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