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Weird Album Covers

Here’s some truely bizarre album covers that make you wonder what the authors or designers were thinking about. How the record labels would ok these is completely beyond me, but bless them for doing so. Unbelievably, all these albums are still available to buy. In researching this, i found an amazing array of weird covers, so expect a “Weird Album … read more –>

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Odd One Today: Engrish.com

A friend of mine put me onto, what is for me, one of the funniest sites on the internet. The idea is simple; find photos from foreign countries where they have made direct translations of signs that are on view to the public at large. Many of the signs have been discovered in Japan and China where they seem to … read more –>

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Odd One Today: Birds On Twitter

Thanks to ilsek for this little bit of weirdness at Birds On Twitter: http://birdsontwitter.com/ “Everyone has the right to be heard – that is the main principle of Ir, weekly magazine from Latvia. ThatĀ“s why we have fixed the biggest internet injustice of all times and gave Twitter back to original twitterers, the birds! What you see is being streamed … read more –>

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Weird Hello Kitty products

Featuring Hello Kitty chess set, Hello Kitty menstrual pads, Hello Kitty’s “massage wand”, Hello Kitty urinal, Hello Kitty toilet paper, Hello Kitty man’s underwear, Hello Kitty hair removal, Hello Kitty lawn mower, Hello Kitty sausages, SuperĀ Hello Kitty man,   Hello Kitty chess set. Hard to imagine an old Russian chess guru using this one. Hello Kitty menstrual pads. Why not, … read more –>

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Websites of the Weird & Bizarre !!!

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie The homepage Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (or AFDB) simply has to be seen to be believed. This is one of the most surreal sites i have ever come across and is clearly a labour of love for the author, one Lyle Zapato. With such menu titles as Building An AFDB, History Of Aluminum & Psychotronics Psychalking: … read more –>

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