Your Mission
You need to find posts where the playlist isn’t showing.
You can see all the playlists …here. If problems, try …here

    1, Find & download tracks from a playlist to your computer (if you can’t find a track, make a note of it).

    Find music: (try for 192kbps – 256kpbs)

    Check the tracks sound ok. Pay attention that the starts and ends of tracks aren’t cut short!

    2, Open the post of the playlist you’re going to edit and click “Edit Post” at the top of the page.

    3, Delete the old code from Grooveshark (don’t delete the text) and set the curser to the top of the page above the text (with a one line gap).

    4, Click “Add Media” and drag the downloaded .mp3’s into the Insert Media area.

    5, Once the .mp3’s have uploaded to the site, click “Create Audio Playlist” (to the left).

    6, Make sure all the tracks for that playlist are clicked, then hit “Create a new playlist” (bottom right).

    7, Re-arrange the list into the correct order (just drag the files around) and when all is well, click “Insert audio playlist” (bottom right).

    8, Before updating, click “Preview Changes” to see how it looks. If all is well, click “Update”.

Then onto the next one!

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